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Saima Desai



M-School title: 
Editorial Intern, Chatelaine
Post-secondary institution: McGill University
Program of study: Philosophy (B.A.)
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The best part of the M-School program was working with a team of brilliant, dedicated women who were in the midst of reimagining a decades-old brand. By working around exclusively ambitious women, I’ve unlearned a lot of the behaviours that girls are taught: to be quiet, to be hesitant, to be apologetic. Instead, I learned to push my ideas forward, ask incessant questions, and treat myself as an equal member of the team. My work at Chatelaine was very hands-on (Sometimes literally! At one point I found myself hand-modelling for a photo shoot in the Chatelaine kitchen). I got to shadow-edit features, help out behind the scenes of beauty photo shoots, and I can now navigate a WordPress dashboard with my eyes closed. It’s strange and wonderful to work in such close proximity to people who actually have your dream job, and to be able to take them out for coffee and ask them what they studied in university. It helps to see the real people who are doing the work you aspire to, and to be able to understand that that future is not so far away.

What were your primary tasks?

  • Writing stories and building galleries
  • Fact-checking, copy-editing, and updating health articles
  • Working in WordPress to build posts (sourcing images and stories from Canadian Press and other Rogers publications; search engine optimization)
  • Managing social media, like the @chatelainekitchen Instagram and the YouTube channel

Describe one day in the workplace.

Keeping one eye on Twitter for news and trends, and the other eye catching copy errors in articles.

What is your dream job?

Starting my own digital magazine or publication, and filling it with art and writing from brilliant people.

Your best work at M-School:




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