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Michael Chen



M-School title: 
Editorial Intern, Benefits Canada
Post-secondary institution: University of Toronto, Scarborough
Program of study: Joint Journalism Program with Centennial College





M-School was one of my first real experiences in the world of publishing and writing. I was given free rein to research and write about complex issues. My coworkers were always understanding and willing to help me learn. I was involved with a diverse range of tasks, from the obvious—writing and editing articles—to more unconventional activities like creating infographics, handling social media and attending conferences. I was lucky to experience such a wide swath of the industry.

Outside of work, hanging out with the interns was a blast. Going for drinks after the Jays game and taking six-hour field trips were great ways to bond and relax with the others. Of the two internships I’ve had so far, this one is superior, hands down.  

What were your primary tasks?

  • digital publishing (writing/editing/formatting stories)
  • interviewing and establishing media contacts
  • researching and analyzing press releases, studies, etc.
  • creating infographics in Adobe Illustrator
  • prepping stories for print through InCopy
  • running social media (primarily Twitter)
  • pitching stories

Describe one day in the workplace.

Come in, write up a quick press release for the website, follow up on some leads from the other day, transcribe some interviews and use them to shape my stories, do an interview, drink some tea, write, check the daily news sites for stories and check corporate sites for press releases, tweet out stories and retweet mentions, drink some tea, take a nap during lunch.

What is your dream job?

Something where I wake up at 12pm every day.

Your best work at M-School:

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