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Micah Bond



Micah Bond
M-School title: Photographer Intern, Photo Studio
Post-secondary institution: Loyalist College
Program of study: Photojournalism
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I can’t think of a better experience than spending four months learning from the incredibly talented team of photographers and editors at Rogers. After working on so many solo projects in college, it was incredibly refreshing to collaborate and learn from so many creative people every day. I have nothing but good things to say about the people I met during M-School.

Coming from a news and documentary program, I was given the tools and opportunity to create images at M-School that I would never have been able to create elsewhere. I shot food, product, fashion and still life, which has helped me grow as a photographer. It was exciting to have access to a fully equipped studio and to work with a wide variety of lights, modifiers lenses, cameras and editing software. I also got to work with the video team on several projects. The skills I’ve learned are not only applicable to documentary work but have also opened a whole new market of freelance opportunities.

The M-School seminars were also very useful. Getting a chance to hear from people in so many different areas of publishing gave me a better understanding of the industry, which is invaluable as I develop my career.

Finally, having a network of other interns who are at the same point in their careers is really encouraging. It’s a fantastic atmosphere and there is always shenanigans to be had.

To sum up—great people, new experiences and tons to learn!

What were your primary tasks?

  • Assisting on-set with everything from set design to lighting to styling
  • Shooting in collaboration with art directors, makeup artists and food stylists
  • Retouching and creating composite images in Photoshop
  • Archiving and file management

Describe one day in the workplace.

Most days started with image processing: photos from the day before had to be key-worded, retouched, formatted for print and uploaded to a shared server. After that I started prepping the studios for the day’s shoots, which meant running lights, setting up cameras and, of course, putting on music.

Once the subjects had arrived and the makeup artist was done, we would start shooting, which could take all day depending on the shoot. Finally, I had to clean up and plan for the next shoot.

What is your dream job?

Documentary photographer/filmmaker for a publication like National Geographic or Time magazine.



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