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Meghan Collie



M-School title: Digital Intern, FLARE
Post-secondary institution: McGill University
Program of study: Philosophy (Double minor in Political Science & Sociology)
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M-School has been the most immersive opportunity I’ve ever had. It sounds cliché, but no one was exaggerating when they told me that I’d hit the ground running on my first day. Within the first week, I was basically in control of all of FLARE’s social media accounts. Within the first month, I was independently going out-of-office to conduct interviews with people like Samira Wiley and Eugenie Bouchard. The quality of my writing has improved, and continues to improve exponentially, thanks especially to the in-depth and transparent editing processes at FLARE. No one day is the same, and that’s what’s so exciting! There were days when I was at my desk for 3 or 4 hours straight, conducting phone interviews and producing 2-3 pieces of digital content before the day was done. There were other times when I got to go to the launch of a new beauty product or a junket day for a new media campaign. I think the most important thing I learned from the unpredictability of the industry was how to think quickly on my feet. This helped me curb my anxiety about things going perfectly, so that I could focus on things getting done.

What were your primary tasks?

  • Schedule daily social media posts for all of FLARE’s accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr
  • Provide daily trending topics to the rest of the team prior to the daily scrum/pitch meeting
  • Come to work each day with 1-2 trending topics in mind that would be a good peg for digital content; if the idea was picked up, I produced that content before the day was done
  • Seek out interview opportunities that would be of interest to the FLARE demographic
  • Conduct interviews (over the phone and in person) in a professional manner with a variety of people and celebrities
  • Attend industry media events: conduct Snapchat interviews, collect information for future digital content
  • Assist with cross-brand promotion of all Rogers publications
  • Brainstorm and create digital content for large events, upcoming theme days, etc. (i.e., Olympics #Rio2016, “Priyanka Day” in celebration of FLARE’s September cover drop)

Describe one day in the workplace.

The first thing I did when I woke up—usually still rocking bed-head—was to check social media and email for anything that was creating conversation online, and anything that might have taken place overnight. I would compile a list of trending topics and send it off to the rest of the digital team.

Upon arriving at the office around 9am, I replied to emails and familiarized myself with my schedule for the day.

At 10:15, I attended the daily scrum/pitch meeting, where we discussed the trending topics I had provided and how we could produce timely content based on those jumping-off points. I also pitched any “evergreen” ideas I had, as well as interview and event opportunities.

I would then take about 1-2 hours to schedule all of our social content for the day. This included making sure new content was promoted as soon as it was published, engaging with our followers, addressing the trending topics and sharing everything FLARE was producing.

If any of my pitches were picked up, I worked on creating that digital content before the deadline.

If any of my interviews were picked up, I organized interview times, locations, etc.

What is your dream job?

An editor at Maclean’s.

Your best work at M-School:

Eugenie Bouchard: This interview was my first in-depth celeb interview; plus it got a bunch of eyes because it was promoted in tandem with the Rogers Cup.

“10 Priyanka Chopra Bollywood Films to Watch ASAP”: I worked on this piece from start to finish. I found and hired Beth Watkins, the writer, through her blog. I then worked with her to make her piece the right fit for (the right tone, etc.), and I edited it (with the help of my editor, Charlotte)! It went live on “Priyanka Day,” when the September issue dropped.




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