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M-School Class of 2017

M-School 2017




Amanda Ghazale Aziz
M-School title: Editoral Intern, Chatelaine
Post-secondary institution:
University of Toronto, St. George
Program of study: English Literature, Equity Studies, and Creative Writing

What I’ve quickly learned in this profession is that one of the most important things you can do if you want to be a writer and editor is to learn by just doing — and my time at M-School and Chatelaine gave me that opportunity.”

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Bryan Meler
M-School title: Sportsnet Digital Intern
Post-secondary institution: Ryerson University
Program of study: Journalism

There really is no average day at Sportsnet since it’s impossible to predict what’s going to happen next. News never stops, and it’s our job to get it out to the public the best and fastest way we can.

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Elissa Gurman
M-School title: Editorial Planning & Coordination, Product Innovation Intern
Post-secondary institution: University of Toronto
Program of study: PhD, English

M-School gave me the opportunity to insert myself into a corporate work environment, something I had never experienced before.”

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Emmy Gnat
M-School title: Branded Content Intern
Post-secondary institution: Syracuse University
Program of study: Magazine Journalism

A day for me is pretty unpredictable. Considering my team works so closely with sales and clients, things can change any minute. We have to always be on our toes, completing tasks on time and ready to get feedback no matter the circumstances. ”

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Hamda Warsame
M-School title: UX Designer Intern,
Post-secondary institution: Waterloo University
Program of study: Global Business & Digital Arts

Over the past couple of months I was able to rediscover my passion for design and can no longer see myself in any other field.”

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Jessica Robinson
M-School title: Digital Intern at FLARE
Post-secondary institution: Laurentian University
Program of study: Double major in Communication Studies and English Rhetoric and Media Studies

 “The way M-School stands out beyond any other publishing or media internship is the unprecedented access it provides us interns to Rogers media as a whole.”

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Laura Jeha
M-School title: Editoral Intern, Chatelaine Kitchen
Post-secondary institution: Acadia University
Program of study: BSc Nutrition and Dietetics

I really enjoyed the sense of community that came with being part of M-school. Having a support group of peers, my mentor and the program co-ordinators made me feel more comfortable.”

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Lewis Gordon
M-School title: Video Intern
Post-secondary institution: Carleton University
Program of study: Journalism

It’s cliche to say, but there really isn’t a typical day with the video team. Work flow is largely dependent on upcoming deadlines, shoot schedules and the variety of projects on the go.”

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Lyndon Byard
M-School title: DTC Intern
Post-secondary institution: Brock University
Program of study: Sports Management

I begin my day by updating the Texture app. I also attend meetings, and network. I wrap up any work that hasn’t been completed, then repeat!”

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Marielle Tolentino
M-School title: Design Intern
Post-secondary institution: Ryerson University
Program of study: Bachelor of Design

What I really loved about M-School the most is the fact that they take you seriously. I was given responsibilities and opportunities that I knew would be hard to come by in other internships.”

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Melinda Wilson
M-School title: Video Intern
Post-secondary institution: Centennial College
Program of study: Broadcasting – Radio, Television, Film & Digital Media

M-School gave me the opportunity to learn more about myself. As my first step in the door of the industry M-School was a safe place to try new things which helped me learn my likes and dislikes professionally.”

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Nesa Huda
M-School title: Video Intern
Post-secondary institution: University of Toronto, Mississauga
Program of study: Communications and Professional Writing

My favourite thing about the M-School program was the huge range of shoots that I got to participate in.”

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Noah Park
M-School title: Video Intern
Post-secondary institution: Loyalist College
Program of study: Photojournalism

I enjoyed m-school for a number of reasons. One of the main reasons was that I was given a lot of responsibilities.”

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Peggy Guo
M-School title: Digital Audience Development Intern
Post-secondary institution: University of Toronto
Program of study: Commerce

Coming from a business background, I didn’t really know what to expect in a creative environment like Rogers Media. M-school opened up my eyes to the fascinating and complex aspects of the media industry.”

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Vivian Tabar
M-School title: Video Intern
Post-secondary institution: Loyalist College
Program of study: Photo/Video Journalism

My favourite thing about M-School was the opportunity it gave me to shoot really amazing stories.”

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