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M-School Class of 2016

M-school class 2016




Luke Alexander
M-School title: Editorial Intern, MoneySense
Post-secondary institution: Humber College
Program of study: Bachelor of Journalism

At MoneySense, I quickly learned that personal finance is complicated—far more than most people realize. But that’s where it gets good. There’s so much to learn, and people rely on you to teach it to them.”

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Micah Bond
M-School title: Photographer Intern, Photo Studio
Post-secondary institution: Loyalist College
Program of study: Photojournalism
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Getting a chance to hear from people in so many different areas of publishing gave me a better understanding of the industry, which is invaluable as I develop my career.

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Michael Chen
M-School title: Editorial Intern, Benefits Canada
Post-secondary institution: University of Toronto, Scarborough
Program of study: Joint Journalism Program with Centennial College

I was given free rein to research and write about complex issues. My coworkers were always understanding and willing to help me learn.”

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Meghan Collie
M-School title: Digital Intern, FLARE
Post-secondary institution: McGill University
Program of study: Philosophy (Double minor in Political Science & Sociology)
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Within the first week, I was basically in control of all of FLARE’s social media accounts. Within the first month, I was independently going out-of-office to conduct interviews with people like Samira Wiley and Eugenie Bouchard.”

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Saima Desai
M-School title: 
Editorial Intern, Chatelaine
Post-secondary institution: McGill University
Program of study: Philosophy (B.A.)
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It helps to see the real people who are doing the work you aspire to, and to be able to understand that that future is not so far away.”

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Michelle-Andrea Girouard
M-School title: Video Intern, Video Unit
Post-secondary institution: Ryerson University
Program of study: Bachelor of Journalism
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 “M-School gave me an incredible amount of freedom—from pitching my own ideas, to collaborating with editors, to choosing artistic direction.”

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Kristi Henderson
M-School title: Acquisition Intern, Texture
Post-secondary institution: Centennial College
Program of study: Advertising Account Management
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This experience was no walk in the park, but who would want that? Every day you are pushed to the limits of what you can do, but that shows you that your work and opinion is valued.”

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Hannah Mirsky
M-School title: Editorial Intern, Chatelaine Kitchen
Post-secondary institution: McGill University
Program of study: Bachelor of Arts

The M-School program provides invaluable opportunities that are not usually afforded to interns—specifically, networking with some of the most prominent figures in Canadian publishing.”

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Bakul Misra
M-School title: Retention Marketing Intern, Texture
Post-secondary institution: York University, Schulich School of Business
Program of study: Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

I really wanted a role that combined my passion for media with my education in marketing, and this internship was exactly that!”

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Maggie Naylor
M-School title: Video Intern, Video Unit
Post-secondary institution: Loyalist College
Program of study: Photojournalism 

I’ve learned you get what you put into it, and if you put a lot into M-­School you’re going to get a whole lot back.”

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Luc Palombo
M-School title: Motion Graphics Intern, Video Unit
Post-secondary institution: York/Sheridan
Program of study: Bachelor of Design 

Right now I feel like I’m creating the best work of my life and I can’t wait to learn and grow more.”

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Claire Roskey
M-School title: Design Intern, Today’s Parent
Post-secondary institution: Emily Carr University of Art & Design
Program of study: Bachelor of Design, majoring in Communications Design
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Editorial design has always been a dream career for me, but this internship set that path in stone. I’m M-School’s biggest fan.”

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Scott Simpson
M-School title: 
Video Intern
Post-secondary institution: Humber College
Program of study: Broadcast Television and Videography

On my second day with the video team, I got to film gold-medal Olympian Rosie MacLennan at a trampoline gym. “

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