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Luc Palombo



M-School title: 
Motion Graphics Intern, Video Unit
Post-secondary institution: York/Sheridan
Program of study: Bachelor of Design 






What led up to you working at M-School? What’s your history, or motivation? What made you passionate about journalism?

I’m one of those people who knew roughly what I was good at and what I was going to do at a very young age. In school I tried my best to emulate and learn from creators who I loved. I learned almost everything I know about my process online through tutorials and articles, and I’ve found I can market myself as having a unique take on graphic design. I’m not a journalist, but I’ve always enjoyed the way that video and motion graphics can enhance the storytelling of a piece and bring it to an even wider audience.

How did you hear about M-School and what made you want to apply?

I actually didn’t know about M-School until after I applied. I simply responded to a posting with help from my program’s placement class. Had I known, however, that M-School is one of the only internship programs that combines hands-on experience with the ability to learn from and meet with executives from all across Rogers, I’m sure I would have applied right away.

Tell us what your experience has been like with the program and your brand.

It feels like all throughout my time working with the video team we’ve really developed a strong sense of family. We each share very unique experiences and pathways but come together with mutual understanding. Right now I feel like I’m creating the best work of my life and I can’t wait to learn and grow more.

What has been your most interesting memory from this summer?

There were some days at Rogers when I knew exactly what the day’s schedule would be and then there were others when I was surprised to find myself working on projects that needed to be finished, signed off and uploaded before I left. One day I came in to work on a project from Maclean’s playing off of the absurdity of the reaction to Justin Trudeau accidentally elbowing a member of the Opposition. Fellow M-School intern Michelle and I created a video where we did a play-by-play of the incident at Parliament Hill, complete with a Sportsnet-esque introduction sequence and hand-drawn circles and arrows highlighting the action. As soon as the video was uploaded, it got plenty of views on the Maclean’s website and Facebook. You can check it out if you want here:

What have you learned in your time here at Rogers? Would you recommend this program to others? Why?

While I couldn’t directly learn from a mentor who shared the same experience with motion graphics, I still found myself learning a lot at Rogers. I learned a great deal about professionalism and corporate culture, as well as how to meet deadlines and work with clients and brands. I also learned a lot about working as part of a team, bouncing ideas off peers and having those ideas come to fruition. I would wholeheartedly recommend M-School to any student who wants to learn and be a part of the future of publishing.

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