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Hannah Mirsky



M-School title:
Editorial Intern, Chatelaine Kitchen
Post-secondary institution: McGill University 
Program of study: Bachelor of Arts






The M-School program provides invaluable opportunities that are not usually afforded to interns—specifically, networking with some of the most prominent figures in Canadian publishing. My experience at M-School has been integral in furthering my understanding of the publishing world. Working at Chatelaine, I was given real responsibilities that allowed me to appreciate the excitement, pressure and pace of working in an editorial position. The Chatelaine team was overwhelmingly welcoming and supportive of my work throughout the summer.

What were your primary tasks?

  • Fact-checking recipes, food news, and other articles
  • Researching material for “Kitchen Notes” (segment in magazine)
  • Update and assemble recipe collections
  • Managed @ChatelaineKitchen Snapchat
  • Helped organize food photo shoots

Describe one day in the workplace.

Each day, I would dive into whatever task was presented to me, whether it was shadowing a photo shoot, helping out in the test kitchen, or doing research for a food news piece. Though each day was vastly different, my one source of consistency was the morning scrum, where the editorial staff meets to pitch new stories, discuss what’s trending, and determine what to cover on the digital front each day.



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