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Hamda Warsame



M-School title: User Experience Designer
Post-secondary institution:  University of Waterloo
Program of study: Global Business & Digital Arts






What were your primary tasks?

  • User research, wire-framing and prototyping for various brands – primarily radio and CityNews.
  • Define and implement innovation design solutions for the product direction and experience.

Describe one day in the workplace.

I usually start the day by browsing Dribbble and WOW to monitor new design trends and stay up to date. Then I’ll hop on JIRA and see if there are any pressing issues assigned to me. I also get to be a part of stand-ups, which are meetings that all project members give a spiel on their current progress. The rest of my day is usually spent prototyping and revising prior mockups for the development team.

What is your dream job?

Over the past couple of months I was able to rediscover my passion for design and can no longer see myself in any other field. The ultimate goal is to become a creative director who crafts concepts for broadcast, print, digital and any other mediums.

Your best work at M-School:

  • I am most proud of a self-initiated project that I pitched to my mentor and boss around halfway through my internship. I was constantly encouraged to ditch the backlogs and allocate parts of my day to explore concepts and just innovate.I was working on the CityNews regional launch – which rolls out in Winnipeg and Edmonton in the fall of 2017 – and found that these two cities have the highest population of Indigenous peoples in Canada. Winnipeg has an urban Indigenous population of 78, 420, Edmonton following closely behind with a population of 61, 765. I also found that competing news sites all incorporated pages or entire sections dedicated to the Indigenous community. As a result, I believed that this was the perfect opportunity for Rogers to expand its diasporic reach and service a community that has been historically neglected.The second half of my internship was largely focused on thoroughly and thoughtfully developing the concept and designing the digital media outlet that will hopefully serve as a voice for Canada’s Indigenous populations.

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