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Emmy Gnat




M-School title: Branded Content Intern
Post-secondary institution: Syracuse University
Program of study: Magazine Journalism





What were your primary tasks?

  • Pitching ideas for new projects with companies like Duracell, Tena, Value Village and Scotiabank.
  • Fact checked and edited for print and digital publications

Describe one day in the workplace.

A day for me is pretty unpredictable. Considering my team works so closely with sales and clients, things can change any minute. We have to always be on our toes, completing tasks on time and ready to get feedback no matter the circumstances. We’re constantly communicating with each other and bouncing ideas around to try and make sure we give our clients and readers the best and most integrated content..

What is your dream job?

I’m not sure what I exactly want to do, but I know wherever I am, I want to be a leader. I aspire to be a role model to my peers, someone who is looked up to and respected. I believe that writing can help change the world, so I’m hoping to pursue that through my career.

Your best work at M-School:

  • I was used for a project with Duracell Batteries to research and pitch thirteen story ideas of everyday heroes from across Canada. Eventually, a majority of my stories were picked and created into full scale interviews. I worked with different members my team and Maclean’s Magazine team (who we were partnered with) to try and select the best stories. It took many tries, but the outcome is truly spectacular. I’m so proud that I got to see my research get carried through like this and watch my ideas develop so thoroughly.

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