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Claire Roskey



M-School title: 
Design Intern, Today’s Parent
Post-secondary institution: Emily Carr University of Art & Design
Program of study: Bachelor of Design, majoring in Communications Design
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Whenever anyone asks me about my experience at M-School, it’s always hard to keep my enthusiasm to a reasonable level. I loved literally every moment I spent at Today’s Parent and somehow fell more in love with my field. Editorial design has always been a dream career for me, but this internship set that path in stone. I’m M-School’s biggest fan.

I’ve heard that you learn the most when you’re thrown into an unfamiliar environment, and trust me, that’s true. Designing in a school setting compared to a corporate one is wildly different, but my stint at Rogers provided the perfect chance to prepare. I’ll be forever grateful for the lessons I’ve learned, the new skills I’ve gained and the group I got to work with over the course of the summer.

The Today’s Parent team was so welcoming and helpful. They patiently walked me through their detailed process but never hesitated to test my skills. I am truly in awe of the art department and how much they accomplish despite their small number. Each designer is incredibly talented and has a unique effect on the brand. I don’t think I would have had such a great time if it weren’t for the hilarious, fun and genuinely inspiring group that is the Today’s Parent art department. I’m also their biggest fan.

I could gush about my experience at Rogers forever, but I’m sure you get the point. If any student designer has even a mild interest in magazines or editorial design, I highly recommend applying for the program. You will gain invaluable experience, work with really interesting people and get a killer reference for your resumé.

What were your primary tasks?

• Designing web graphics, including Instagram quotes, and event and contest promotions on Facebook and Twitter; headers for various sites; cropping images for the web

• Conducting photo research for various articles

• Designing content for print and screen

• Helping designers push articles through approval (applying edits, typesetting, etc.)

• Assisting on photo and video sets

Describe one day in the workplace.

Each day at Today’s Parent was a little different, but consistently awesome. I was always busy with lots on my plate, but never so much that I felt overwhelmed (or that I had to stay late). Fast-paced, exciting, fun and creative as heck. Also, lots of cute kids.

What is your dream job?

I would love to be an art director for an art or architecture magazine.

Your best work at M-School:

The oodles of Instagram quotes:

These graphics may seem super basic, but they were all really fun to make and were great typography practice. There were few restrictions on what I could do, so my creativity got to run amok. I loved working with wacky mom quotes and boundless colour. Plus, it’s a nice ego boost to go back and see how many likes I got (my highest was 520!)

“15 Ways to Make a Road Trip Less Painful” — Editorial + design spreads (from the summer 2016 issue)

This was my first opportunity to create an entirely original spread for the magazine, which was something I never expected. I assumed I would be doing a lot of grunt work as an intern, but that wasn’t the case. I was generously offered the chance to design this two-page story and I took it. It feels great to know something I came up with on my own is in a nationwide print magazine (not to mention on Texture). Let’s be serious: I’m going to frame it.

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