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Amanda Ghazale Aziz



M-School title: Editorial Intern – Chatelaine
Post-secondary institution:  University of Toronto, St. George
Program of study: English Literature, Equity Studies, and Creative Writing





A big plus about M-School (among sooo many things) is that it operates like a school and an internship all in one. My undergraduate degree wasn’t related to journalism, so I had to seek out that experience through freelancing professionally and editing and writing for my student newspaper. What I’ve quickly learned in this profession is that one of the most important things you can do if you want to be a writer and editor is to learn by just doing — and my time at M-School and Chatelaine gave me that opportunity. A sentiment that I want to echo from previous Chatelaine interns is that I had the honour of working with a remarkable team of supportive and ambitious women who wanted to see everyone shine. 

What were your primary tasks?

  • Writing, fact-checking, editing, interviewing, researching, pitching, working on WordPress, doing reposts from other publications, refreshing health posts, transcribing, helping out with social media and print production, and more.

Describe one day in the workplace.

The day starts off with an early morning scrum meeting where we’d discuss the happenings of Chatelaine. I’d keep tabs on studies, trends, or recent news the night before and the morning of the meeting, and bring that list with me to run it by the editors. Other than pitching, I’d also give suggestions on reposts, or resurfacing past posts for social media. Then the rest of the day would deal with whatever needs to be done first in my schedule. You’re treated just like any masthead member at the magazine, you’re given a great amount of trust and responsibility over what you want to get out of this internship, so each day is different. I can usually be found writing, editing, fact-checking, researching for a new story to tell, getting to know my coworkers, going to a seminar, interviewing subjects — or even modelling for another Roger’s publication. (No, seriously! At one point I modelled lipstick for FLARE.).

What is your dream job?

Writer and editor (media, publishing, or television/film)

Your best work at M-School:

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